Story of my life 😅😂
Fest med la familia 💖
Du är fin du 💜
"It’s alright to cry
Even my dad does sometimes
So don’t wipe your eyes
Tears remind you you’re alive”

#missyougrandpa (på/i Even my dad does sometimes - Ed Sheeran)
First dance lesson after a looong while 💋 (på/i Sway)
I’ll do this in english

1. I haven’t got my first kiss yet
2. I’ve loved Justin Bieber for 7 years
3. I love to make people smile
4. I think the british accent is the sexiest accent on this planet
5. I like to meet new people
6. I’m a good listener, so people usually comes to me with their problems
7. I love dogs
8. I like a guy
9. dancing is my passion and my way out of everything.
10. I don’t have a specific style, I dress how I feel like dressing.